Forest Ecology and Climate Series

Science Pub Night

Dates: Thursday, March 31, April 14, and April 28

6:30–8:30 pm

Seadog Brewery, North Conway

Hosted by: University of New Hampshire and the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation

Partners: Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Upper Saco Valley Land Trust, Mount Washington Observatory

Supported by: Northeastern States Research Cooperative and the New Hampshire EPSCoR Program

Grab a pint and join in a friendly discussion with ecologists and climate scientists who work in the Bartlett Experimental Forest and other local research sites. These informal events are a unique opportunity to learn about some of the current science happening here in the White Mountains — from the comfort of a bar stool! Science Pub Nights are free and open to all.

1. Thursday, March 31: Northeastern Forests and the Earth’s Climate System

Changes in climate have important implications for the world’s forests, but few people realize that forests themselves are part of our climate system. This is as true for forests here in New Hampshire as it is in the Amazon. Drawing from work at the nearby Bartlett and Hubbard Brook Experimental Forests, this session’s speakers will lead a discussion about how forests are changing, why they’re so important to climate, and their latest research to track the flow of carbon through the forest ecosystem.


  • Scott Ollinger, University of New Hampshire

  • Andrew Richardson, Harvard University

  • Eric Kelsey, Mount Washington Observatory and Plymouth State University

Moderator: Sarah Garlick, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation

2. Thursday, April 14: Forest Health and Invasive Pests

Ever wonder if you should kill that bug or put it carefully back on the tree branch it jumped from? Have you wondered what trees you should plant and which may not survive anyway? Join Forest Service scientist Rich Hallett to find out about some of the biggest threats to our urban and rural forests, how to detect signs of infestation and health problems early, and what you (and others such as the Forest Service and NASA) can do to help.

Speaker: Rich Hallett, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station

Moderator: Dave Hollinger, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station and Scott Ollinger, University of New Hampshire

3. Thursday, April 28: Wildlife in a Changing World

When it rains, we pull out our umbrellas and rain jackets and when it snows, we pull out our winter boots and heavy coats — we can adjust to localized changes in climate. But what about the animals that share the forests and local waterways with us? How will they cope? Join us for an evening of conversation about our local fauna’s ability to handle changes in our environment.

Speaker: Lynn Christenson, Vassar College

Moderator: Andrew Richardson, Harvard University and Scott Ollinger, University of New Hampshire