Watch and listen: Hubbard Brook ice storm experiment featured on NSF’s Science Now and NHPR!

Hubbard Brook’s ice storm experiment is the first of four stories featured in the 18 Feb 2016 edition of NSF’s Science Now. Click to watch!

“There’s some very cold science going on in New Hampshire, and a National Science Foundation-funded team of scientists has captured one of nature’s most destructive forces- ice,” says Dena Headlee of NSF.

“The unpredictable nature of ice storms makes studying them a real challenge. So instead of waiting for the next big storm to hit, the team created their own suite of experimental ice storms in 8 large plots on the USDA’s Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, a National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research site.”

The study was also featured on New Hampshire Public Radio

Listen in to the story, aired 25 February 2016: An Ice Storm in a Teapot: Researchers Spray Trees to Simulate Devastating Winter Storms

“There’s nothing that strikes more fear into the heart of a New England driver than the words ‘ice storm.’

But this pernicious wintery precipitation is not just trouble for cars. Forests, where a thick coating of ice can break limbs or bring down a whole tree, suffer too.

Now, for the first time, researchers are able to study not just the damage these storms do, but also how that could change our forests, by manufacturing their own ice storms.”