Acid Rain Revisited

Advances in scientific understanding since the passage of the 1970 and 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments

The first Science Links™ project began in late 1999 as a team of 12 scientists convened to review and analyze existing data on acid deposition. Acid deposition research has been a long-standing part of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. Because choices regarding air pollution continue to be made at the local, state and federal levels, summarizing research for policy-makers and the public is vitally important.

In March 2001, HBRF released its first Science Links™ report, Acid Rain Revisited. The report was based on a peer-reviewed journal article published in BioScience. Acid Rain Revisited and the BioScience paper were released at a large press conference. Because of the report’s quality presentation of the issue, the media portrayed the scientific information accurately almost across the board.

Since HBRF initiated this Science Links™ project, we have conducted more than 20 briefings with policy-makers, co-sponsored a major conference on the effects of acid deposition on the forest, generated worldwide media coverage in 300 outlets, and increased the topic’s visibility in Congress.



Acid Rain Revisited

Acid Rain Fact Sheet

Summary: Acidic Deposition in the Northeastern U.S. (BioScience,vol.51,no.3,2001)

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